Degree Studies at BSPU

Blagoveschensk State Pedagogical University currently offers 72 degree programs in 10 areas of study. There are Bachelor Degree (4 years) and Master Degree (2 years) programs as well as postgraduate studies (Candidate of Science) available.

Those degree programs are mostly distributed among about 10 Faculties however some of them are multidisciplinary and involve several Faculties.

The language of instruction in all of degree programs is Russian.

BSPU also offers innovative degree programs developed jointly with our foreign partners. A double degree (two diplomas) or a degree from BSPU + Certificate are valuable advantages of these programs.

Most degree programs are open for foreign citizens who meet all entry demands and are ready to provide all necessary documents according to the relevant rules and regulations in force.

Foreign citizens should pay a tuition fee which varies depending on a certain degree program.