Non-Degree Studies at BSPU

What does it mean "Non-Degree Studies"?

Non-Degree Studies, or NDS, include short- and medium-term programs like students exchange, summer and winter schools, FAM tours, language courses etc.

Keystone of any NDS program is that it does not result in any graduation of participant. Usually, non-degree students get a certificate and a transcript of records, but not a degree from the host university.

The duration of NDS program may vary from several weeks (for summer/winter schools, short -term studies) till 1-2 semesters (long-term studies).

For students from our Partner Universities we offer following NDS programs:

  • - summer and winter schools
  • - short-term studies
  • - long-term studies

These Programs are only available within the frames of bilateral cooperation agreements signed at "University-University" level.

NDS programs are organized at the University level and are opened for everyone.