About BSPU

BSPU was founded in 1930 and is one of the oldest educational institutions in the Far East of Russia. Now there are more than 400 faculty members and about 6000 students at 10 departments. In BSPU there are 72 specialties. The university also has 14 post-graduate courses both of pedagogical and non-pedagogical specializations. University library had been the only scientific library in Amur region before 1955. Now it counts more than 600.000 copies. There are 6 reading halls which can seat 600 people. In 2004 with the help of Heihe Institute the library opened the class of Chinese studies, where students can read Chinese newspapers, watch Chinese movies and practice their pronunciation skills. There are 20 computer classes with Internet access and modern multimedia equipment. BSPU has own printing office and 20 scientific laboratories and research centers: chemical laboratory of hetero-organic substances, laboratory of modern educational technologies, center of environmental studies, archeological museum, center of linguistics and communication, insect laboratory. University has established strong partnership with leading Russian universities and scientific centers: Moscow State University, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Far Eastern State University and others.