International Cooperation

BSPU has solid relations with many Chinese educational institutions: Heihe Institute, Qiqihar University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Heilongjiang University, Beijing Pedagogical University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and others. There are regular student exchanges, joint scientific, cultural and sport activities. About 300 international students studying Russian language at BSPU every year.

BSPU and Heihe Institute, Suihua Institute are engaged in joint Bachelor’s Degree project in Philology where Chinese students study 1 year in Heihe / Suihua and then 3 years in Blagoveschensk. As a result they obtain two diplomas: Russian and Chinese.

In February 2006 BSPU established Language Testing Center where foreigners can take TORFL test (Test of Russian as Foreign Language). The issued certificate is accepted as an official proof of language proficiency throughout Russia.

BSPU also has strong scientific and educational ties with Europe and the United States. In 1996 with the help of DAAD (German Service of Academic Exchanges) the university established Goethe Center where students acquaint with modern and classical German literature, attend lectures given by German specialists and improve their language skills.

In August 2005 BSPU joined the consortium of Russian universities engaged in a distance learning project started by Institute for International Studies at Stanford University (USA). Russian students study international relations, political science and environmental issues. The best students take part in annual international student conferences.

In June 2005 BSPU became the member of the universities network collaborating with the Department of Culture and Cooperation of French Embassy in Russia. As a result BSPU established a Resource Center of French Language and Culture that provides students and professors with training aids and up-to-date information on educational and cultural programs organized by French Embassy. Students often take language courses in China, Great Britain, the USA, Germany during summer vacation.