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> Том/Vol. VI №4 (2014)

Новый род Pachydemini из Вьетнама (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae)

A new genus of Pachydemini from Viet Nam (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae)

А.М. Прокофьев

Prokofiev A.M.

Резюме. По большой серии самцов описывается Tiamidema kabakovi gen. et sp. nov. из прибрежной части южного Вьетнама в провинции Биньтхуан. Новый таксон наиболее сходен с Cochinchidema, отличаясь узкими члениками передних и средних лапок, строением передних голеней и другими признаками.

Summary. Tiamidema kabakovi gen. et sp. nov. is described from a large series of the males collected in the coastal zone of southern Viet Nam, Binh Thuan province. The new taxon is most similar to the genus Cochinchidema, but differs in the narrow joints of the pro- and mesotarsi, the shape of the protibia and other characters. Diagnosis of the new taxon: small (6.5-9.5 mm), elongate; clypeus triangular with pointed apex; antennae 9-joined with 5-joined club and antennomeres 3 and 4 equal in length and shape; last joint of maxillary palpi weakly dilated basally, pointed apically; pronotal disk weakly impressed, its base swelled; scutellum narrow; elytra partially pilose; protibia bidentate, with very long and narrow teeth, short inner margin, and long flat and expanded spur; inner margins of pro- and mesotibial spurs minutely dentate; all joints of pro- and mesotarsi narrow, without brush-like fields of hairs on their ventral surface; ventral margin of metatarsal joints sharp and minutely dentate; 1st and 2nd joints of metatarsi equal in length; claws splitting at apex.

Ключевые слова: Pachydemini, новый род, новый вид, Вьетнам

Keywords: Pachydemini, новый вид